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This is the Real Estate Bible for the People.

Everything you wanted to know about buying, selling or collecting cash flow from a house is in this book; From credit repair, shopping for mortgages, lawyers, titles, flips and short sales.

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Make from $20,000 to $100,000 off One Real Estate Deed Flip Guaranteed

You dont need Credit, a Mortgage or Possibly No Money to Flip Houses.

Let us Teach you How its Done. Come and Register for our Deed Flipping Workshop program after you purchase the Hood Estate Kit to Further your Education

Learn Different Strategic Ways to Purchase and Profit off of Deeds

This Deed Program Kit is designed around or classes that will teach you Step by Step on how to flip deeds. Not only will you receive our video training tutorial , we thru in The legal Documents on our Exclusive Hood Estate Gold USB flash Card to help execute all your deals. This is a $100,000 value for $499. Unbeatable and unbelievable! Knowledge is power and a lack of knowledge can cost you a fortune so before you invest in anything else invest in yourself .

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Hoodestate Workshop Kit contents

Hood Estate Deed Flipping Workshop Kit Includes:

- USB Flash Drive 1G Metallic Gold Card includes (Cooperation Agreement, Step by Step Video Tutorial, E-Book, Short Sale Authorization Form and More)

- About Us and Testimonial DVD

- Hood Estate The Manual Hard Copy Book With Software CD (Credit Dispute Forms)

Listen To Our Radio Show Explaining The Process Of Flipping Deeds and How Our Services Work

Deed Flipping Example

deed flipping example

God is great! Let me give y'all a little sample and lesson on how real and official this program is.  

Now look close at this pic.

You see where it says: "DEED TRANSFER RECORDED" and next to it says: $15,000 and next to that says: 5/7/2013 .

Now look under that where it says: "LIS PENDENS FILED" for $735,000 on 4/17/2013 . Now ask yourself this question why would somebody buy a deed for $15,000 knowing that the house is in pre-foreclosure with a LIS PENDENS of $735,000 attached to that house. Looking at this from the outside seems like it don't make sense at all right? Lol "THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HUM!!!!!!"  But that right there Ladies and Gentlemen is the Game Changer where this Person will make over $120,000 or more.

You want to know how then come to our Deed Flipping Workshop Classes and Learn How.

Now ask yourself this would you spend a self investment of $1000 to learn how to make a $100,000 of course you will. Lol pre-enroll in our classes today.

To inquire call 800-470-9049 or email hoodestateservices@gmail.com

Deed Flipping Workshop Tutorial Trailer

This Video Tutorial is a quick look at what’s in our Deed Flipping Workshop Kit. The Video is about 10 minutes long and give you step by step instruction on how to Flip your Deed, 4 Different Strategies to find Leads to Deeds, How to negotiate the Short Sale, 2 Different options on how to sale it, Examples on how much of a profit could be made and what legal docs you need to execute your deals

Go to HoodEstateServices.com to purchase your Deed Kit Today. Or take advantage of our 30% discount on our classes which includes the Deed Flipping Workshop Kit for only ($699) This is a $1500 Value.

There are no refunds or transfer of services.